What? You Need New Cabinet Hinges Again?

Look at your cabinets. Yes, that one in your room, the other just above the kitchen sink. Lovely. They are able to keep your clothes in place and all your kitchen shenanigans intact. And then open it and wow—the one side fell off.

Yes, the usual problems of an adult. You look at everything and then the next thing you know, your cabinet doors are falling off! No, it is not you. It is never your fault that maybe you are not cleaning them enough or you haven’t been careful, but there really are kitchen cabinet hinges that are not as sturdy as the others. But we never consider those minute details when we buy stuff, do we?

How Do I Maintain Them?

We can all be guilty of this. You need to admit that when you shop, you never check the details of the pieces of furniture you buy. You look at the design and the price. That is it. If it fits your taste and budget, you buy them!

Guilty? Yes? We totally understand why most of us are like that. We have a well-designed home thus, we need pieces of furniture that would fit the theme and the spaces, too.

Now if you live in a small space like a condominium, cabinets are going to be your best friends because you need to save space. You need a cabinet you can prop up the wall. And it is for that reason that when you do go shopping, you would need to check the cabinet hinge, too. Simply for your safety. We do not want the door suddenly falling on you as you prepare anything. These cabinets are more frequent in kitchens so, let us focus on that now.

Which Hinge Do I Choose?

The first thing you need to check is the type of hinge available. There are at least two types. First is a self-close hinge and second, a soft-close hinge.

What is a cabinet with a self-close hinge? These cabinets have springs. You open them and the spring pulls the door back in. And that goes with that plop or thid sound. Cool? Yes, that is traditional.

Now, what then is a kitchen cabinet with soft close hinges? These cabinets are the ones whose hinges have hydraulics that allow the door to close softly and quietly. The tricky part is that some soft-closing cabinet can be self-closing as well but the some self-closing may not be soft-closing. How do you tell? When they make a sound when they close, that is definitely not a soft-close.

Which one is better for you? That depends on your preferences. But what if you want quiet cabinets at home but you already have purchased the other type? No, you do not have to buy new ones and replace them. You can just buy soft-close adapters and attach them to the hinges.

So, the question here is where do you buy cabinets that can be trusted to be sturdy? You can go to your local stores. The legit home furniture shops and for sure, they have good cabinets with good hinges so you no longer have to worry about your doors anymore.